Top 8 best folding shovels that makes you prepared for anything

Top 8 best folding shovels that makes you prepared for anything

Dear Outdoor Adventurers! We are aware of your greatest difficulties that most of you face at the very start or throughout the camping trip.

The first trouble is related to take the vehicle deep into the wild, it includes filling pits to clear the route and dig out tires, the second common hassle is clearing and making smooth campgrounds, it includes snow to shovel, wood to chop, and pits to fill.

Today in this article we will talk about Top 8 best folding shovels that makes you prepared for anything. It is a folding shovel sometimes called an entrenching tool due to its use in military history.

Folding is the first feature that we consider when talking about outdoor shovel because the average shovel doesn’t fit easily in a car, and it doesn’t fit at all in a backpack.

For this article, we consider the best folding shovel that has the following features:

  • Collapsible Shovel (Small folding size with storage bag, can be put in a backpack)
  • Shovel Head Doubles As A Capable Chopping Axe!
  • Durable Shovel to stand along with you
  • Best budget shovel

Diving into the folding shovel market can be intimidating so we round up the 8 best folding shovels with the above-mentioned features that you can order on Amazon right now for your next outdoor adventure.

Check out our picks below

At first, it was hard for us to pick our No1! Thanks to BESROY who made it easy with Folding Shovel Multitool. BESROY a well-known name for making reliable shovels for quite a while.

This shovel is extremely strong, multifunctional, and has a clean design. Adjustable to three different lengths which allow you to set proper leverage depending on the task at hand. These three different lengths starting from the shortest one that is 15 inches, the medium is 20.9 inches, and the longest is 26.4 inches.

The most impressive thing is its handle that is tucked with the following features like Firestarter, Safety Hammer, Emergency whistle, Bottle opener, Knife-edge, Sawtooth, and Screwdriver.

Features Summary:

  • Material: high strength manganese steel alloy
  • Net Weight:1118g/2.46 lb
  • Length:67cm/26.4inch
  • Size:16*13cm/6.3*5.1inch

If your priority is saving space in your backpack, this is the shovel for you. This compact Folding shovel by SOG is extremely small and can fit pretty much anywhere!

Trust the high carbon steel SOG entrenching shovel to deliver trenching, cutting, and moving material anywhere you need it. SOG, based in Seattle, WA, build this tool to travel on your belt or in your pack for digging, cutting, and trenching at the backyard, on the trail, or in the field.

Features Summary:

  • Barely bigger than hand
  • High-carbon steel construction
  • 25-inch full length
  • Leight weight only 24.5 ounces
  • Collapse  into a small size best portable outdoor, emergency, and hiking shovel

Be prepared for the worst with this Multifunctional Military folding shovel. It is quite well-made and comes with a variety of impressive functions. Wufang Shovel is made from high alloy steel with an aluminum allow handle that allows the entire thing to weigh just a touch over 2.5 pounds.

Set the length according to the need, choose between three steps, and position the shovel in three different angles. 30°, 90°, and 180° in short it will get the shape to complete any task.

My favorite feature is its multifunctional capability, it is best to perform 16 different tasks with convince and accuracy. Comes with a carrying bag.

Features Summary:

  • High alloy steel material
  • 16 functions included
  • Small folding size with storage bag, fits in a backpack
  • Surface oxidation rust prevention

We select iunio shovel because It’s affordably priced, easy to pack up, contains a surprising amount of functions, and build quality! The handle and the blade are of high-carbon steel which can hold up significant force and last for years.

When fully developed it gains 31 inches length, a long solid lever for making digging easy.

Magic is hidden inside its handle, inside it, you get a safety hammer, antiskid handle, emergency whistle, pickaxe, saw, and magnesium rod.

  • High-carbon steel build lightweight,  Sturdy, and durable
  • Multi-functional tool options
  • Folds up and fits in a high-quality waist pack or backpack
  • Extend to 31 inches
  • An all-time favorite of outdoor sports lovers

Gerber E-Tool is a proven, sturdy, rugged, and compact design and can be used in various outdoor, hunting, hiking, tactical, camping, and outdoor sports. Use shovel as axe it includes a serrated edge to cut through those thick roots when trenching.

This great and compact trencher is lightweight only of 2 lbs and collapses down to only 9.37 inches when at its closed position.

Looking to blast through your trenching chores quickly? Gerber E-Tool Shovel.

Features Summary:

  • powder-coated, carbon steel build
  • measures 23.8 inches long when opened
  • just 4.6 ounces to your pack.


For this shovel, Simplicity is Productivity. United Cutlery design is inspired by the conventional wooden handle shovel. its overall upgrades in both build and style with simplicity. United Cutlery‘s strength is its sharp head that is made of tempered 2Cr13 stainless tool steel with a hard, black oxide coating.

The Head is sharp as a knife used as a defensive weapon in an emergency situation all this made it a perfect folding shovel for camping and outdoors use. Pack it in a reinforced nylon belt pouch and take this to your next adventure!

  • Injection-molded nylon handle with 30% fiberglass
  • Perfect for camping and outdoors use
  • Includes a reinforced nylon belt pouch
  • Lightweight only 7 ounces

Here is Schrade’s pride SCHSH! Telescoping Shovel. Schrade has a good name in creating trustworthy knives that are perfect for all outdoor adventures. So Campers get ready for a strong performing companion you need.

I bet you will love its telescoping features and the T-grip and build quality as it is made out of 055 carbon steel. The second loving thing is its blade-like wide mouth with overall 7.41 inches.

Other fetures like convenient size, comfortable handle, and guaranteed protection with a sheath cover the blade when not in use and even fit when the shovel is collapsed down into its smallest position.

Features Summary:

  • T Handle Grip
  • Telescoping Design
  • Sheath Included
  • Closed length, 16.6 inch
  • Length at its full, 20 inch
  • Total Weight, 2.4 Pounds

Let’s conclude with the best budget outdoor shovel, best budget does not mean low in quality It doesn’t have as many additional features as other models. Made of strong steel, durable enough for heavy-duty use has a trifold fold mechanism and turns into a small piece that fits into a 7×11 inch carrying pouch, which makes it ideal to keep in your backpack. Go for this shovel as it is low in budget, camp shovel, snow shovel, sand shovel or gardening shovel works as a small shovel for big jobs

Features Summary:

  • Best Folding Camping Tool
  • Multifunctional Military Shovel
  • Dual usage angel use straight or at a 90°angle as a shovel

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