The 4 Best Family Outdoor Games For Campers

Best Camping Games For Families

Every one of us knows what is camping for? Camping is good for physical health and mental health but along with health benefits, camping has become a great social bonding. Modern life has separated us from each other and spending time with family and friends has become very rare. Camping overcomes distance barriers and provides us the comfort of sit together and make the relation strong.

Today’s guide article is about sitting together and spend time doing fun by playing games. Leisure time games especially board games were played by our ancestors about 5000 years ago.

Camping games become essential especially when you are on a family camping trip as camping games keep the kids happy, engaged and active. The best outdoor family game is the one that is for the whole family, from toddler to grandpa, get everyone engaged around the campsite, the campfire, or in the comfort of your tent!

Get ready to soak up the sun, get fresh air, mind exercise, claps, victory race, a lot of giggles, and memories with our today’s list of the 4 best family outdoor games for campers.

Our experts did great research to prepare this list of the 4 best family games, it is the best list because it has something for every family member from the little to the grandpas.

Leaving for the camping trip with the family? Keep this list close and have an amazing full of a fun camping trip! 

Let’s start with the 4 best camping games for families to try next camping trip.

Let’s start with the shout hurrah! There’s nothing like a playing cornhole game with friends and family! “Cornhole” this single word is enough to fill the excitement in the kids, actually not only kids even my Grandpa is a big fan of this outdoor. If you are new to this game and its rules don’t worry first we will learn how it works and why it is called “Cornhole”.


Cornhole is a game that is often played by groups and families on their outdoor get gather. It is played outdoors, often at the campsite. It involves four players, two boards, and a dozen of bean bags. Rules are simple it is a competition between two teams of two, Rule one: Cornhole two boards ( Standard size of cornhole board is 4 ft long, 2 ft wide) should be placed 27 ft apart front to front and for the make sure the boards are 15 ft apart. Rule 2: Step Corhole bags, there should be two sets of 4 or 8 ( 6 inches by 6 inches)  bags with two different ranges of colors for each team. Step 3: Each team with opposite cornhole board and will try to throw bags in the cornhole board on the other side, the number of bags in the hole is the score of the team.

All these fun activities make this game a perfect family or group outdoor game and best The best thing about cornhole is that it is a fun activity for all age groups anyone can grab a challenger and wander over to start a game.

Buying Package and Features:

  1. Eight 12 oz. standard size bean bags in 2 team colors
  2. Two 3′ x 2′ cornhole game boards
  3. Designed as the ultimate driveway games
  4. Durable boards

A complete fun portable conversation game designed to connect today’s families connected. Featuring fifty cards each with a unique, thought-provoking, and silly question that offers wild circumstances to encourage imagination and allow players to embrace their inner camper. As the name suggests it the game that is best to play inside the camp or around the campfire. It does not include any physical activity but it includes a lot of giggles and silly answers to the silly question that will make you and your family laugh for a long.

How to Play Camp Talk Cards Game:

Camp Talh Cards are very simple to play even the kids can play without the parent’s supervision. Rules are very simple! The game includes 50 conversation cards, Strat from any member of the group who will pick a card, will ask the question to any other member, and get a surprising and silly answer. You will love to see the naughty and often hilarious glimpse into the hearts and minds of your family members. Diverse topics reveal surprising answers. All this fun makes the camp Talk the best game for you and your family camp trip.

Camp Talk has won many awards like Dr. Toy Top 10 Games award, iParenting Media a Disney Online website that provides recognized prizes for children’s relevant content, Learning Magazine’s Teachers Choice Award, and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval award.

Buying Package and Features:

  1. Featuring 50 thought-provoking Question cards
  2. TRAVEL GAME: Easy to carry, attach Camp talk with a backpack or trouser through hook
  3. Award-Winning Camp Game
  4. Made for kids
  5. A best budget camp game under $10

While we’re talking best family outdoor games (Games that are best for camping and easy to carry) we can’t ignore Ring Toss because it is the game that involves fun for everyone and requires no batteries or screens! It involves physical activity and improves the focus and accuracy of kids and adults. It is good to fun a day in the sun with friends and family. Just grab the Ring Toss! get your friends and family together to enjoy one of America’s best campsite games that is fun for all!

How to Play Ring Toss Camp Game:

It’s easy to have fun with Ring Toss while enjoying the sun out in the camp, just set the target pools, draw a circle to use as a launchpad at some distance from the target pols, and try to through the rope targeting the pole. 

Buying Package and Features:

  1. The game has 5 scoring towers with varying point scores, 4 throwing rings, and a carrying case and rules
  2. Great for developing physical and mental hand-eye coordination

Best Budget under $20

Neato! Classics

Let’s end up with them but the best Japanese ancient game is called Kandama. It is a game of balance and accuracy, so interesting that Kids and will spend hours to see who can get the ball successfully on each target.

How to Play Kandama Game:

It requires some expertise that comes with practice and even kids become experts after a few days of practice. It is about to bring the ball in the big cup, once you have the ball in the cup toss it up meanwhile rotate the cup to 180 degrees and try to catch the ball with a small cup.

Buying Package and Features:

Game package includes

  1. A small wooden ball and shallow cups.
  2. The kendama is designed with small hands in mind
  3. Best Budget Under $15

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