best 3 camping stakes

Best 3 camping stakes that will keep you grounded

Best 3 camping stakes that will keep you grounded

There is nothing worse than trying to anchor your tent to the ground and then ending up with a bent stake. Today we are going to talk about the best 3 camping stakes that will keep you grounded and where to use them. 

What allot of people don’t realize is that there are different type of stakes made out of different materials for different type of surfaces.

The amount of stakes I have bent in my life are countless, wasting allot of time hitting them with a hammer on a flat surface to straighten them out. Bent camping stakes is what u get when u use the wrong camping stakes like weak stainless steel stakes on really hard soil.

Hopefully after this quick read u will have decided what camping stake u will get

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Plastic stakes can be placed in same category as light aluminium stakes because they are both being used or should be used in the same type of surface. These type of light camping stakes are best suited for soft surfaces like grass and organic matter. You are probably asking yourself, why not just spend a little more for strong stakes suited for all surfaces and get this over with? That is true, but u need to remember that strong and good quality stakes are usually heavier and not suited for people that are trekking or hiking. These 7.25 three side y beam design are designed for a variety of surfaces but mostly thick grass and soft soil. Trying to get these securely into harder soils like clay without hurting the stakes is going to be a challenge.

THe Euramax Camping steaks is the perfect balance between weight and strength.

With a length of 10 inches and galvanized steel design to prevent premature rust and corrosion, these stakes are made for dry harder surface soils.

At the top you will see an green piece of plastic called a ground stopper, the plastic hook keeps you from inserting the stakes too deep and the eyelets helps you to easier attach the rope to the stake when you pull it tight.

I personally do not like the plastic ground stoppers, it only take me one time to miss the top of the stake, hitting the plastic ground stopper and breaking it, making the stake useless.

When come to the BareFout Heavy duty stakes, bent steel are something of the past. Longer and stronger, these stakes are made of S45C steel making it suitable for all surfaces.

Unlike the Eaumax Stakes the Bafour stakes ground stopper is also made out of steel making it even more reliable. No need to worry about breaking the ground stoppers on the BareFour

Final Thoughts

Which one our best 3 camping stakes do you like? In the end of the day, if you have good quality stakes it’s fun striking them into the ground, it is all part of the camping experience.

Stick to the longer stakes that are completely made out of steel and you will be sorted

Have Fun!

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