Never Get Lost With One of These Top 5 Compasses

Top 5 Compasses

What is the most worrying situation for any camper or hiker? I would imagine getting lost in the woods tops that list! Every camper and hiker always takes the necessary precautions when packing up for the big adventures.

Flashlights, tents, insect repellants and all such items are almost always never forgotten. They carry items that will be essential throughout their whole journey through the jungle. Now I personally dread the fact of losing my way in the face of a potential encounter with bears, snakes and other dangerous animals. So how can you effectively ensure you don’t find yourself in such a precarious situation?

How can you increase the chances that you will never get lost while on you adventure? By using a simple but effective tool called a compass. This article will offer you a sneak peek into some amazing compasses that will guarantee you a successful experience.

There is nothing as good as knowing the best routes to use when in the forest. This is because some forests have routes that are deemed dangerous and should be avoided.

Actually, some of these routes are often found to be marked with “restricted access” signs to discourage you from using them. Amazon will save you all this trouble. It offers you some of the best compasses you can find on the market.

Never get lost with one of these top 5 compasses.

  • Sportneer Lensatic Military Compass
  • SUUNTO MC-2 Compass
  • COSTIN Multifunctional Compass
  • Pro Hiking Compass
  • Orienteering Compass

Select the best compass from what Amazon has to offer. These compasses are considered the best because of the variety of valuable features that they offer. Keep reading on to know more about the best compasses for your ultimate camping experience.

This classic piece has water-proof capabilities to ensure you do not get in a “sticky” situation whenever the rains start to pour or when it accidentally falls into water. It is very light as it weighs just around 5.6 ounces! This makes it so portable.

It is also lightweight and good when holding for long periods. The Sportneer Lensatic Military Compass has a built-in clinometer which accurately lets you measure the angle of elevation during mountain climbing. The Glow-in-the-dark Dial lets you take clear and accurate readings. Even in a situation where the weather is too bad or you have a problem with your eyesight, the fluorescent features of this piece will allow you take the most accurate readings!

Now to the best of the best, the Sportneer Lensatic Militar compass is built to last. It has a strong metal base to withstand possible breakage or pressure. Buy it and you will not need to get another one anytime soon.


  • Water-proof capabilities
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Built-in clinometer for high-accuracy readings
  • Glow-in-the-dark dial for taking night readings
  • Fluorescent interface to allow accurate night readings

Another great compass for you to try! Using globally relied upon USGS UTM scales, this compass will give you the most consistent and accurate readings. It is very precise and dependable as it has a sighting hole and a notch that will assist you to get precise bearings even in low light conditions.

This compass is so easy to use. The SUUNTO MC-2 Compass does not require any batteries to operate and it saves you the inconvenience of having to constantly worry about changing them in the woods when you need the compass the most.


  • Simple to use
  • Visible in the dark
  • No batteries required
  • Precise readings and measurements
  • Accurate bearing readings in low light conditions
  • Very durable (made with ultra-durable material)

A durable compass in nature, this piece is made out of an extremely strong engineering metal. By getting this piece, you will have travelled many hiking miles before thinking of buying a new one.

Its luminous arrows will assist you to read even in the darkest of jungles! You do not have to worry about the darkness settling in, your compass will be there to lead the way. The COSTIN Multifunctional Compass is also a foldable metal lid will offer you maximum portability. The pouch and lanyard also allow you to carry the compass around during your camping or hiking activities easily.

This compass is both water-proof and shock-proof. This enables it to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as rains and even falls.


  • High versatility
  • Water-proof
  • Shock-proof (does not get damaged easily)
  • High Strength Engineering Metal for high durability
  • Fluorescent Design (you can take readings in the dark)
  • A compact metal case for maximum portability and shock-proof capabilities
  • Very portable because of the pouch and lanyard.

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Hikers will love this. It is characterized by a lightweight that will enable you to read your directions with utmost comfort. There is no added luggage on top of the “mountain” of hiking gear you already have on your back.

The Orienteering Compass is a durable piece, the compass is constructed with a solid metal that will ensure it does not break even after falling accidentally. It has an Azimuth bearing and a 360 degree rotating bezel that are crucial in giving you the most accurate directions for a thrilling and successful camping and hiking experience.


  • Lightweight
  • Very durable
  • Portable (is easily hand-held)
  • Accurate bearing readings

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