Stay in Touch the 6 Best Walkie Talkies for Outdoor Adventures

Stay in Touch the 6 Best Walkie Talkies for Outdoor Adventures

Stay in Touch the 6 Best Walkie Talkies for Outdoor Adventures

Hiking is an amazing and fun activity that most people love to do. It can be a great way to get outside, enjoy nature, exercise and bond with friends or family members.

However, when you are hiking in the mountains it can be difficult to communicate with your friends or family members who may be on a different path. Hiking safety is incredibly important so it’s imperative that you keep your group together by staying in contact with each other at all times.

It is very common to have no cellphone network coverage when camping and hiking. A walkie-talkie will assist to stay in touch so you’re never lost again! An ideal walkie-talkie should be easy to carry and also transmit your messages, smoothly, and over a considerably long range.

This blog post will review the 6 best walkie talkies for hikers on Amazon. Keep reading to learn how to stay in touch with these best Walkie Talkies for outdoor adventures.

These options have been vetted by campers and hikers like you. They are sure to meet and exceed your outdoor communication needs with your teams and loved ones. Always remember to have a walkie talkie with you whenever you intend to go camping or hiking!

The GOCOM FRS Walkie Talkies for Adults has a fantastic voice and sound transmission. Its “3 sensitivity levels” feature heavily supports the operation of this walkie-talkie in a hands-free manner.

This is especially important when you are rock climbing, cycling, or even climbing as it allows you to concentrate and avoid potential injury. This walkie-talkie has a NOAA weather scan feature that will share current weather alerts.

The GOCOM FRS Walkie Talkies for Adults provides you with 22 channels and a two-way radio feature that will can block unnecessary conversations. It also comes with a channel receive feature that is great at checking for signals and potential activity.

This walkie-talkie also comes with a rechargeable battery that will ensure you stay in communication with your loved ones for longer. 


  • They will work well even in places where there was no service
  • Overall, the quality of the sound is top-notch 


  • They work best over a distance of about a half-mile, and then the sound starts getting distorted
  • It will not work as great in a crowded city the same way it would work great in an open area 

The Topsung Walkie Talkies 3 Pack has an impressive, long standby time of up to 62 hours! This can be attributed to the three 1000MAh NI-MH AA rechargeable batteries and a USB cable.

It has great compatibility with other FRS radios no matter what brand they are by simply sharing the same channel and privacy code! Isn’t that impressive? With this walkie-talkie, you will enjoy long-range communication with a “crisp, clear” sound.

The Topsung Walkie Talkies 3 Pack has a NOAA weather scan feature that will alert you of potentially bad weather in the area. This walkie-talkie is built with 8 adjustable volumes with 10 call tone settings, a keypad lock, and a scanning function to search for other channels.

It also has 22 pre-existing channels, 38 CTCSS privacy codes, and 97 DCS privacy codes, all intended to create smooth communication when you are outdoors.


  • It has several privacy codes to assist you to separate your conversation from others that may be found in your channel
  • It can withstand falls 
  • It provides a lot of channels and privacy bands to choose from


  • The range it offers could be better
  • The walkie talkie beeps unnecessarily when its on

The Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio – Long Range Walkie Talkie is a two-way radio with 50 general mobile radio service channels.

This walkie-talkie has a JIS4 Waterproof Protection that gives it its waterproof nature. It will offer you a 36-mile range of communication in open areas which have little or zero obstruction. Another impressive feature is an easy voice and sound activation transmission (eVOX) with an astonishing 9 sensitivity levels for hands-free operation!

The NOAA weather scan that picks up on the strongest weather channel will ensure you are well-informed of potentially harsh weather that may affect your area. This product is highly recommended as one of the best 6 best walkie talkies for outdoor adventures!


  • The setup on the first 22 channels is rather easy
  • Voice transmission is decent 


  • The receiver is a bit noisy
  • Considerably long charging time

This pxton Walkie Talkies Long Range for Adults is a two-way radio that is awesome for performing functions such as voice control and scanning while simultaneously has about 16 preset channels.

Do you need long-range communication? It will offer you a communication range of 3 miles in open areas. The durability of its battery will allow communication at full charge for 8-96 hours, and up to 8-12 hours with continuous use!

The pxton Walkie Talkies Long Range for Adults is conveniently small and lightweight. This walkie-talkie also has a tough exterior, thus minimizing the chances that it will be damaged easily. It is also waterproof and will function even in rainy weather. 


  • It has a long battery life
  • It offers a lot of convenience by allowing hands-free use
  • The clarity of sound is impressive


  • The cover on the antenna may at times get loose and makes the radio less effective
  • The flashlight’s bulb is close to the antenna and this creates a large shadow
  • It will perform poorly in a hilly terrain

Another awesome walkie-talkie you can get for yourself and your family is the MOICO Walkie Talkie. This is a two-way radio that comes with 22 FRS channels, 99 sets of CTCSS tones, and an astonishing 2178 combinations that will help you to block out other unimportant conversations.

This walkie-talkie can support long-range communication of up to 1.5 miles in open areas. The MOICO Walkie Talkie provides easy voice and sound activation transmission (VOX) with 3 sensitivity levels for a hands-free operation which will come in handy when you are fully engaged in cycling, driving, or rock climbing.

It also offers great visibility at night due to its backlit LCD screen, and a built-in LED torch that will serve you as a flashlight. 


  • It has an amazing range
  • The signal and clarity of sound is impressive


  • They only work best with triple-A batteries
  • The belt clip may not be as flexible as you wish

The Topsung M880 FRS Walkie Talkie relies on a smart system that performs various functions such as automatic scanning, power-saving, and an automatic squelch system. It offers you long-range communication depending on the nature of the terrain you are in.

The standby time offered by this walkie-talkie is an impressive three to four days! It is small and lightweight and therefore very portable. In addition, the Topsung M880 FRS Walkie Talkie comes with an amazing hands-free function(VOX), a keypad lock/channel lock, adjustable power and volume, and an LCD screen with a backlight, all tailored to offer you smooth communication.

Last but not least, it’s a durable device made of environmentally friendly materials (ABS). This is a great option for staying in touch in our list of the 6 best walkie talkie for outdoor adventures!


  • Produces a loud and clear sound
  • It is easy to use


  • It works on AAA batteries that are not included
  • Its sound quality diminishes in areas that have obstacles 

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