1. Medicines.
  2. Proper clothes.
  3. Flashlights.
  4. Pocket knives.
  5. Essential food.
  6. Tents.
  1. Camping toilet
  2. Backpack
  3. First aid kit
  4. Outdoor Lanterns
  5. Flashlight
  6. Hatchet
  7. Compact shovel
  8. Rope
  1. Practice starting a real fire with your fire making equipment.
  2. Learn basic first aid
  3. Know how to fish with any survival fishing gear.
  4. Let people know where you are going
  5. Be sure to properly pack your survival gear
  1. Plan the trip with your kids
  2. Do a test run in the backyard
  3. Teach them about the outdoors
  4. Plan your supplies wisely
  5. Make special memories
  1. Fill
  2. Weight
  3. Shape:
  4. Temperature Rating
  5. Your Personal Comfort Zone
  6. Size
  7. Gender
  1. Light weight: Yes, these bags are easy to carry as they are light in weight. They are easily portable and ideal if you are looking for hiking or road travel. As they are easy to carry, one does not need to stop again and again while traveling because of the weight.
  2. Compact: These are very compact. They can be compressed to a large extent. Hence, compared with synthetic bags, down sleeping ones are any day more comfortable choice to carry on your back.
  3. Cosy: Down sleeping bags are more cosy then synthetic sleeping bags. The reason for the same is that they trap more warm air from the atmosphere. Hence, one can expect good and sound sleep in their down sleeping bags.
For maximum comfort one should opt for down filled bags as they have a soft cushioning on the base which comforts the person using them.
  • Accessibility
  • Special Attractions
  • Campability
  • Availability of Water
  • Firewood
  • Cuts
  • Blisters
  • Sunburns
  • Burns
  • insect bites
  • and scratches
  • adhesive bandages
  • adhesive tape
  • needles
  • a roll of sterile gauze
  • sterile compresses
  • a small bottle of antiseptic
  • a small tube of burn ointment
  • and insect repellant