6 best portable freezers

6 Best Portable Freezers To Keep Food Fresh And Drinks Cold

6 best portable freezersGoing on a camping trip and want to keep your favorite beverages and food cold and crisp? What you need is one of these 6 best portable freezers that will keep your drinks ice-cold!

Although camping and outdoor activities are related to living with less, you still need few necessary gadgets. Food cannot be kept safe and fresh without keeping it cool and most people do not like hot drinks and food. You might wish you had your freezer with you when you’re driving across country or taking an extended camping trip.

You might think about a conventional cooler that keeps the food cold by ice or ice bags, which means you have to fill half of your cooler with ice before leaving the house.

Stuffing half of a normal cooler with ice leaves you will less capacity for those drinks and frozen steaks. Normal ice coolers are not a wise option to consider as the coolant for outdoor trips, that is why you need a portable AC/DC refrigerators.

There are a few reason why I personally love portable freezers/refrigerators. These units is a flexible solution if you are trying to store food and drinks on the go for a longer period of time then it’s essential to own a portable Freezers/refrigerators.

When going on camping trips, road trips and outdoor events it is important to maintain a constant temperature to keep your snacks fresh.

There are allot of different portable freezers and most of them are very energy efficient because they can be powered by a variety of sources like solar panels, car batteries and AC/DC power.

What makes this refrigerator the number one best seller on amazon?

  • Low Noise: This fridge/freezer is made to run on low noise so that it does not disturb you when you are sleeping after long day of driving. You do not need to worry about driving on uneven and rough roads because this fridge/freezer has a shock-proof design.
  • Low Power Consumption: Even running on max mode this eco energy saving fridge uses less than 45W. This fridge/freezer is portable and runs on 12/24 V DC and can be used in most trucks, SUVs, RV’s, Camper Van’s and Boats.
  • Fast Cooling Down: This unit comes with the best compressor refrigeration technology, reaching a cooling temperature of -5℉ in under 50 min in warmer conditions.
  • Warranty: Any buyer that has any issues with their purchase can reach out to BougeRV before returning it. The CR22 12v refrigerator comes with a 2-year warranty.

The first in the list Alpicool is best overall, It’s a wise investment because this DC-powered freezer is a convenient way to keep your snacks, beverages, and frozen foods cold for extended periods.

You call Alpicoll the second fridge in your life because this smart machine has the full features of your kitchen fridge. This smart outdoor freezer-weight is 25.2 pounds and side handles make it easy to carry anywhere.

Ready for outdoor fun and have a wonderful time on your adventure? Let’s go with the Alpicool K18 because it has the following comforts!

  • Cooling Capacity: Upto -4°F(-20°C) deep chilling capability
  • Power Consumption: Runs on a small battery or solar system due to its power-saving features
  • Power features: ( 45 Watts, 3 Amp  12 Volts)
  • LED Temparute Dispaly
  • STORAGE SPACE: Large18 Liter Capacity
  • After-sale Support: Comes with a 1-year warranty

The second on the list is a rugged portable freezer for every adventure. It is a little pricy but it pays off due to its great features. Capable to coll below -8 degrees Fahrenheit (-22°C) which is like a small Cyberia, prevents food for days, and keeps your drinks cool around the clock.

When it comes to outdoor capability it is the perfect rugged fridge as it has an exterior made with steel and has 80 litter storage enough to prevent food for weeks. The following features make my selection fair.

  • Cooling Capacity: Upto -8°F(-22°C) frozen capability
  • Power Modes: Operates on both AC/DC, you plug in both at the same time and intelligently switch to DC when AC fails
  • Power features: It is comparatively large that drains little more power ( 65 Watts, DC 4.5Amp  12 Volts)
  • STORAGE SPACE: Large 42 Liter (45 Quart Capacity )
  • Smart Features: Fast cooling features rapidly cools to -8°F, LED Display
This pick is smart, low in budget best for drinks to keep them chill. Igloo is known for its effective but affordable portable freezers, Igloo 28 Quarter is ideal for beverage cooling and a smart way for keeping drinks chill and food fresh on camping trips. Rember it is a fridge and did not design to be used as a freezer, so you can not use it to make ice but it is useful to keep food fresh and drinks chill. See its other loving features:
  • Cooling Capacity: Upto 36°F(2°C)
  • Power Consumption: Operates on a small battery or solar system, plugs into any 12V DC receptacle (e.g. cigarette lighter).
  • STORAGE SPACE: Large 24 Liter (26 Quart Capacity )
  • Comparatively Low In Price

Introducing to a multifunction 3 in one Indoor/Outdoor Fridge/Freezer ICECO JP42. You can use it as a kitchen fridge because it can be powered by a standard wall outlet and while going on a trip take it with you it will perform on DC 12 Volts.

Out in the camp? Need to save power?  Use it as a refrigerator for your fresh foods, cold drinks by adjusting the temperature to 32°F.

Need ice? Or have the frozen food in JP Pro, no worries turn it into the freezer down to 0℉.

The last and best feature is its design, Ideal for outdoor adventure, out of power, no worries! JP42 pro is tough latched seals and its insulated walls keep food unmelted for hours.

Before moving to the next look at its star features:

  • Cooling Capacity: Full freezing ability down to  -8°F(-22°C)
  • Power Modes: Operates on both AC/DC
  • Powered With Germany made SECOP(Danfoss) Compressor
  • Use As Traditional Cooler: Out of Power? No worries! Use it as Cooler
  • 1-year general and 5-year Compressor warranty

Do you want a portable Cooler and Warmer that is under 50$ and smart enough that you can put it on the table? Here is a tabletop Cooluli Mini Fridge, best budget smart in size and great in the feature.

This Cooluli Mini isn’t capable to store enough food for large groups, but it is perfect for a single or couple to have it in their car for long drives or at their desk. The mini is ideal to store day’s lunch or a few cans near the couch. It’s is a fridge, not a freezer so don’t accept ice from it. It operates on a small power bank or car battery.

See what it has more!

  • Smart and Lightweight: This fridge measures: 7.25″ W x 10.25″ D x 10.75″ H and weighs 4 lbs, freezing Box measures: 4-liter, One-Hand Carry
  • Power Source: Includes AC, DC & USB power cords for maximum portability and flexibility.
  • Colling Limits: Cools down to 40°F
  • Two In One Cooler and Warmer
Let’s end up with the freezer on the wheels, Wheels make this SetPower TC20 super portable. SetPower is a well-known company that makes good quality portable outdoor refrigerators from 12 to 45 liters. The TC20 is 20 Liters freezer that covers all your needs when you are out for an outdoor adventure. Wheels make it more convenient to take it away from the cat to your campsite. 21 Litter freezing box means it can chill 29 cans or 15 water bottles of 550ml, not only drinks it can store fruits, drinks, vegetables, meat, and more. I like it because it has!
  • Deep chilling down performance from -4℉to 68℉
  • Operates on 12 Volts
  • Set Power durable compressor
  • Large Capacity of 21 Quart
  • 2 years Comprasor and 1 year other parts Warranty

All in all, portable freezers/refrigerators are a practical and innovative way to keep your food and drinks cold, no matter where you are.

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