In addition to helping your legs to stray cool, a good pair of outdoor shorts comes with pockets where you can store some of your most frequently used items such as your cellphone or your walkie-talkie!-Top 6 Must Have Hiking Outdoor Shorts for Men

A good hiking expedition or camping trip is not only determined by what you bring with you but also by what you wear. Men’s outdoor hiking shorts are a must-have for all hikers. They’re designed with the latest technology and fabrics to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable on your adventure.

In addition to helping your legs to stray cool, a good pair of outdoor shorts comes with pockets where you can store some of your most frequently used items such as your cellphone or your walkie-talkie!

If you have you been searching for the perfect outdoor hiking shorts for men, then we’ve got a list of some great options available on Amazon. With all these amazing choices, it should be easy to find what you’re looking for.

In this post on, ‘The Top 6 Must Have Hiking Outdoor shorts for men” we aim to give you valuable insight into some of the most comfortable, pair of outdoor shorts that every male camper or hiker should get for themselves!

These are some of the best offerings from the Amazon platform and they will help you to always move freely, avoid staying sweaty and add to a more comfortable hike or camping adventure. Let’s explore some of them!

The Little Donkey Andy Men’s Stretch Quick Dry Cargo Shorts are conveniently lightweight and are “stretchy” due to a 4-way stretch fabric that makes them adjustable to fit perfectly.

This will offer you maximum comfort while allowing you to move freely. It will also dry relatively quickly. The Little Donkey Andy Men’s Stretch Quick Dry Cargo Shorts have side and rear zipper pockets that will provide you with a place to store your items like phones.

These shorts are also highly breathable and they will make staying cool all day long a great experience.


  • They are comfortable and flexible
  • Their stretchy nature allows free movement


  • The front pockets are way smaller than they should
  • The belt loops can only be used for thin belts

These great shorts are made of cotton and have many pockets. It is designed to have a loose fit, straight legs, and a waist that just fits well to give you a comfortable pair of shorts.

There are belt loops that will enable you to achieve a great fit. The AOYOG Men’s Camo Cargo Shorts also comes with high-end metal snap buttons and pure copper zipper closure fly that makes this pair of outdoor shorts highly functional and stylish!

The breathability on these shorts is very good because of the cotton material that makes the shorts very breathable and impressively lightweight. This is a great top 6 must have hiking outdoor shorts for men.


  • A lot of storage space
  • They come with belt loops for a more comfortable fit
  • Highly breathable to allow you to remain cool all through the day


  • The seams come off after several wears

The FREE SOLDIER Men’s Cargo Shorts are made of a combination of nylon and spandex. They are not only lightweight but also very breathable.

They dry very quickly which is convenient for the outdoors. These outdoor hiking shorts have a decent level of resistance to scratches and tears. The fact that they are partly made of spandex material means that you can perform all manner of movements without unnecessary difficulty.

The FREE SOLDIER Men’s Cargo Shorts have numerous pockets that will offer you enough storage space. They come with two slanted pockets and two hook and loop pockets to provide you with space to store items such as a notebook, iPad, or even a phone!

These cargo shorts come with a removable nylon belt which comes in handy when adjusting to fit well and a recommended top 6 must have hiking outdoor shorts for men.


  • They are abrasion-proof
  • High level of flexibility 


  • The nylon belt may not work that great when it comes to securing your waist
  • The breathability provided by these shorts is not up to the same level as in shorts made of cotton

Another amazing pair of quick-dry shorts, is the JINSHI Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Lightweight Sports Shorts which were designed for the most comfortable hiking expeditions.

Made of a combination of nylon and spandex, these shorts are lightweight and very breathable. They come with an adjustable waist that will ensure it fits you just right. The zipper pockets will guarantee the safety of whatever items you choose to put inside them.

These top 6 outdoor hiking shorts are easy to clean. A simple machine wash will wipe out any stain or dirt that is found on them. 


  • The combination of nylon and spandex material makes the shorts easy to clean
  • They will help you to stay cool amid scorching temperatures


  • The breathability cannot live up to shorts made of cotton material
  • The waist will not fit as well as the rest of the shorts

The Libin Men’s Outdoor Hiking Shorts are lightweight, quick-dry, and stretchy. These shorts are made of 88% nylon and 12% spandex. It is these materials that make them impressively lightweight and stretchy for more flexible movements.

The outdoor hiking shorts are also characterized by a durable, water-resistant finish and UPF 50+ that repels water, which gives them their water-resistant capabilities. They come with a whopping six large pockets for all the small items that you need.

These comprise 2 thigh zipper pockets, 2 slash hand pockets, and 2 back zipper pockets that offer more than enough storage space. An elastic side waistband with 2-inch belt loops will give you just the perfect fit when you are putting on these shorts (not too tight and not loose as well). 


  • Moisture will not easily penetrate the surface of these shorts
  • They have six large pockets where you can store your items


  • The elastic waistband may occasionally not fit as well as you would wish
  • A combination of spandex and nylon material will not offer you the same level of comfort and “coolness” as you would get when wearing cotton shorts

The Rdruko Men’s Stretchy Quick Dry Cargo Shorts is designed to motivate you to perform at the highest level.

These shorts are not only stretchy due to the 90% nylon, 10% spandex material that is used in making them, but is also “quick-dry,”, breathable and water-resistant! If you want comfort, these are the shorts to go for. The Rdruko Men’s Stretchy Quick Dry Cargo Shorts design is also intended to provide an easier time on a hike or a camping adventure.

They come with an impressive 2 slanted pockets, 2 Velcro pockets at the back, and 2 zippered cargo pockets! Last but not least, the Rdruko Men’s Stretchy Quick Dry Cargo Shorts are one of the best top 6 outdoor hiking shorts to get today!


  • They are very comfortable shorts
  • You can perform all manner of movements when wearing these shorts


  • The low-profile side pockets sewn inside the shorts feel uncomfortable if you put a lot of items in them
  • If you put a lot of items into your pockets, they will show since the shorts are stretchy
  • The waistband may be overly stretchy

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