The best selling camping tent on the internet

The number 1 best selling camping tent on the internet.

The best selling camping tent on the internet.

Let’s get straight to the point, you are planning to go on a camping trip or maybe even a music festival, but you don’t have a tent and you don’t know what to buy because of all the different sizes, verities and brands. The quickest way to get what u want is to look at the best selling camping tent on Amazon and that tent is the Coleman Sundome Tent.

I’ve been privileged to have the opportunity to go on camping trips with my family for most of my life and we experience our favorite camping spots all across the state.

Throughout the years I have picked up some helpful tips and tricks along the way, this is also one of the reasons I started this website was to share some of my knowledge, and to also connect to other communities to expand my knowledge even more.

Finding good quality tents can be a challenge, but when in doubt go for the product that’s the most popular and that tent is Sundome, which we are going to take a closer look at here.

The fist time I laid my eyes on this best selling camping tent I knew straight of the bat that it’s good quality product because it’s made by one of the most recognized camping equipment brands, Coleman. The combination of this well known brand and the 26000 positive reviews, makes this is tent worth looking at.

The Coleman Sundome Tent stand at 6 feet high that gives the option for five people to comfortably sleep inside with plenty of room to move around or if you are only 2 people it gives you allot of space to keep more gear safe and dry.

The Coleman’s Weathertec system keeps you and your tent dry in mutable different weather conditions. What makes this possible is the combination of the durable tub floor with its welded corners, leak free rainfly inverter seams and the resistant fabric with weather protected zipper guard, giving this tent the ability keep moisture out.

This tent can withstand stormy conditions with its strong 11mm shock corded fibreglass poles giving it a sturdy frame design.

Ventilation is increased with a vent mesh to keep everything cool and comfortable.

The Sundome comes with separate storage bags for tent, poles and stakes, the instructions are easy to follow and is sewn right into the carry bag so that you will never loose it.

There are big widows and ground vent to help push warm air up and keep you comfortable in warmer weather conditions.

In this best selling camping tent there is enough room for one queen size air mattress and comes with built in storage pockets to help you keep your gear orginized.

The Coleman Sundome comes with an E-Port that makes it easy to bring electrical power inside the tent for lighting and charging electronics.

Quick Summary:

  • Large windows and ground vent for better ventilation.
  • Measures 7 x 5 feet with 4-foot center height.
  • Welded floors and inverted seams keep you dry.
  • Setup takes only 10 minutes
  • The dome tent with its sturdy frame can withstand 35+ mph winds

How to maintain your tent?

If you are planning on using your tent frequently, it’s recommended to use a camping tarp underneath the tent to increase It’s lifespan.

A camping tarp can be used in multiple ways but the main reason is to place it underneath your tent to protect the tent flooring from moisture or any scrapes from small rocks.

Let say for instance you are camping on wet grass, u shouldn’t put it away after use when the bottom is still moist because that will cause fungal growth. Or let say you are camping in a place where there is no grass but only gravel, you don’t want to pack away a dirty tent right?

So rather then needing to pull out the tent on a later time to dry and clean it, just use a camping tarp and that will help to protect your tent and keep things clean.

Remember that this tent might be the best selling camping tent on Amazon but it’s still maybe not the one for you. If you are looking for something different there is a table below with some different other options.

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Coleman Sundome Tent FAQ

The flooring is made of polyethylene, It should last reasonably well with care. Without care, probably not too long. Tarps are inexpensive - its a good idea to put one under my tent to protect the floor.
Yes. It's not heavy duty, but is suitable for hanging a flashlight, etc.
Lay it out flat. Then get the storage bag and lay it next to the tent so you can see the size it needs to be when folded. Fold both sides of the tent in toward the middle until the width of the tent is a little less than the length of the storage bag. Then roll it up very tight and it should fit into the bag.
Since I cannot find a Coleman footprint/groundsheet available for this tent, I would recommend a thin tarp without grommets a little smaller, not larger, than the dimensions of the tent. You don't want it larger because that would catch water and channel it under the tent between the tarp and tent bottom, actually increasing the chance of a leaky floor
Number of stakes needed will depend entirely on wind. It's a large and tall tent, so it definitely catches air. I got caught in a strong wind storm a couple months back, and no amount of stakes would have kept it anchored. I ended up tying it to a tree, and the wind still almost flattened it.
Horrible choice for backpacking. Heavy, heavy, heavy.
Yes a single person can set this tent up. It may take a few extra minutes, it took me about 15 mnutes the first time however after one sets up this tent for the first time setting up again doesn't take long. hope this helps you! have a great time using this tent!
Rain resistant, yes. To increase the rain protection, you should seam seal the rain fly and stake it down well.
No, it comes with everything you will need. Don't pay for anything extra!