top 5 camping essentials

5 Best Camping Essentials For Every Adventurer

top 5 camping essentials

Thinking about outdoor camping or safari travel? Without any doubt, you are planning about the world’s most amazing thing, thats why we made this list of the 5 best camping essentials

Camping is an outdoor activity that involves many overnight stays away from home and all the comforts in a temporary residence, such as a tent or a modified vehicle. It is about to leave the house and all the facilitation behind and go close to nature.

Remember that during camping you may be in deserts, mountains, or islands away from the population and In such a lonely remote place, your luggage would be your best companion. While doing shopping for camping or outdoor activities most of us only consider common camping equipment like tents, backpacks, and food.

Today in this article I will introduce you to the five camping essentials that are rarely noticed but these are the five most important camping gadgets. These are the gear you never want to forget. When that dream camping trip finally turns up, make sure you add these outdoor essentials to your luggage. 

These essential are some times turns into life-saving gadgets. After many years of personal camping experience, I sort out these five camping essentials that are going to be very beneficial for every camper.

Although camping is the way to get away from the modern world for few days, you still need electrical power for many essentials. Think about the gadgets that must be kept alive during camping, it is a long list like your DSLR or Cell Phone camera, Head Light, Torch, Sattelite phone, cordless phone, camp heater, and many others.

All these gadgets are batteries operated and the battery has to be charged after a certain time. Loss of power during camping is a big pain. Imagine you have an expensive DSLR camera, but you can’t save scenery because you run out of battery. It is just one example think about other essentials that need the power to function. Don’t worry always comes with the solution.

Our mission is to make camping convenient and memorable. After months of searching and testing several products, I have found the best portable power solution that is Renogy Phoenix 337WH Solar Generator, Portable Pure Sine Wave Power Station. It is one piece power bank that is going to enlighten your camping nights and charge your camping gadgets. Here are its features that make it prefer Solar Generator.

  • Power delivery (PD) technology that can pump out up to 60W power to compatible devices.
  • Multi common used output so you can charge or connect any gadget.
  • Pure sine wave inverter that powered up to 200W, enough for camp heater
  • Quick charge technology up to 18W USB output
  • Easy to carry low in weight just of 3 kg

With all these virtues this is the best essential for camping

Even a child knows the importance of a first aid kit. Outdoor activities increase the risk of injuries especially hiking can lead to many types of injuries, from a normal scratch to a deep wound. The most common hiking or outdoor camping include scrapes, blisters, snake bites, and bug bites.

First aid kit life can be a life-saving tool in such conditions. With a well-prepared first aid kit, Most minor injuries can be handled, while more severe cases can be managed until help arrives. As we are well aware of the importance of a comprehensive survival kit that will keep you safe and sound during an outdoor camping. Here is the super best survival kit that includes 98 important items.

Emergency Survival Kit | Ultimate 98-in-1 Outdoor Multi-Tools for Camping Includes:
1 X tweezers 11cm, 1x survival keychain with an emergency whistle, 1x extra-long strand of Strong 550 paracord, 1x Upgraded, 3 modes, zoomable, LED Flashlight, Tactical Folding Knife, 1 X first aid scissor, 30 x disinfecting, alcohol prep pad, 30 x first aid bad-aids, 5 x triangular bandage of supporting injured arms/shoulder/collar bone, 10 x Q-tips, and a First aid guide!

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. It means we have to maintain the water level in the body to remain healthy and active. Camping means survival with minimum resources and using nature to fulfill all the daily needs.

During camping and hiking often have to spend on limited or sometimes naturally available water. Naturally, available water should be filtered and drunk in any case. Luckily we have the smart solution that is a USA Made Epic Nalgene OG water bottle. This bottle has strong filtration qualities.

Let’s have a look.
Dual Filtration Technology: This Nalgene water bottle with filter uses depth & adsorption filtration to be the perfect water purifier. Adsorption removes particulates through the coconut carbon-fiber mesh surface, which adsorbs impurities such as heavy metals, cysts, chemicals & pharmaceuticals. Depth filtration up to 6mm thick, removes the suspended waste products as they pass through the millions of layers of coconut carbon fiber.

Other qualities: BPA Free, Easy push-button Lid open, interchangeable filter system, and 1420 ml capacity.

When spending time outdoors, bugs can be a big problem. During outdoor camping after a good day evening can be scary. Mosquito bites are horrible and dangerous as they cause many diseases like malaria, dengue, and Zika virus.

Take full safety measure against the mosquitos. When you’re not in the safety of your tent or net, make sure you have the right clothing to keep your skin protected. We advise using mosquito repellent as the second protecting layer after the clothes. Here is a link to our tried and tested mosquito repellent lotion that protects for 12 hours. Click here to find the best mosquito repellent before moving to the last best camping essential.

The knife is the best survival tool. It is an ancient tool and serves humans in thousand ways. During camping, a knife can help you in thousand ways, such as preparing food, tools, fixing tents, setting up traps, and protecting. We choose the best camping knife that you can keep with you all the time, it fits in the boot or the belt. This is going to be the best camping companion. Here are its detailed specs that you will love to know.

SMALL KNIFE WITH SHEATH: The SOG Instinct is the perfect small fixed blade knife for your camping tactical neck knife measures 5.9 inches in total length

LIGHTWEIGHT EDC KNIFE: 2.3 oz. The slim necklace knife is a great everyday carry knife; use as a belt knife or boot knife, and quickly access this compact knife from its swivel sheath clip for any emergency

FULL TANG FIXED BLADE KNIFE: Durable stainless steel construction handles various work tasks as a backup knife

FIXED KNIFE G10 HANDLE: G10 handle with finger ruts and jimping enhances the grip

Thanks for reading the full article, we hope you have found your 5 best camping essential here.

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