Top 6 Outdoor Beach Picnic Blankets

Top 6 Outdoor Beach Picnic Blankets

Summer is one of the best times to head out to the beach for a good picnic! It is a great opportunity to catch up with family and friends and enjoy food and drinks on the beach.

One of the most important things to pack for a beach picnic is a beach picnic blanket. It creates a place for you to sit and enjoy a meal or snacks and relax together.
What should you look out for in a beach picnic blanket?

A good beach picnic blanket will be large enough to accommodate several people. It should also be waterproof to enable you to sit comfortably on damp ground. A lightweight and foldable beach picnic blanket will also be good features.

In our post the, “Top 6 Outdoor Beach Picnic Blankets,” we will let you in on the best beach picnic blankets that will help you have a great time picnic with family and friends.

The Amazon platform provides many great options that come in different sizes and many colorful designs.

Choosing any of these “Top 6 Outdoor Beach Picnic Blankets” will give you a memorable and comfortable stay at the beach with your friends. Let’s find out which will be your favorite!

The ISOPHO Beach Blanket is a great pick on our “Top 6 Outdoor Beach Picnic Blankets” highlights. It can fit three to five people and is a lightweight beach blanket that you can put into your picnic basket easily. The designs on the ISOPHO Beach Blanket is impressive.

It has four fixed anchors to prevent it from being disturbed or blown off by the wind. This beach blanket is also very visible due to its attractive and bright blue and grey colors that make it easy to spot! You will not have to worry about spotting your friends amongst the crowds of people who are also enjoying their picnic at the beach or park.

This blanket is made of 210T polyester material and is both water resistant and sand-proof. Get ready to enjoy a picnic with this blanket.


  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • It is machine wash appropriate
  • Has anchors to hold it in place


  • You may not get your desired color

The TwoYek Outdoor Beach Blanket Picnic Mat is an attractive beach blanket that is highly resistant to wind. This beach blanket has four built-in corner pockets and five ground stakes that keep it down despite strong winds!

It has two side zipper pockets to store your items while enjoying your picnic. The TwoYek Outdoor Beach Blanket Picnic Mat is large enough for four to eight people but is still lightweight and foldable. This contributes to the high portability of the mat that makes it easy to carry and store among your things.

This machine-washable blanket picnic mat is strong and will last long. This is a quick-drying mat that will dry fast whenever water or your drinks spill on it. It has a soft fabric that makes it easy for you to remove sand by shaking it off.


  • It is machine washable
  • It is very compact
  • Exciting design choices


  • The fabric is very soft and may fray easily if scratched
  • The two side pockets may not be enough for all to use

A great choice our “Top 6 Outdoor Beach Picnic Blankets” list is the Three Donkeys Machine Washable Extra-Large Picnic & Beach Blanket.

This beach blanket is triple-layered and will feel very comfortable under your weight. It has a sturdy 190T polyester fabric on the top, 80G soft sponge layer in the middle, and waterproof 210D oxford bottom to make it a strong mat.

It is easy to wipe off dirt, mud, and sand. It will not absorb any moisture and allow between six to eight of you and your friends to sit comfortably. It is large, lightweight and very compact to for easy storage and carrying.


  • Easy to fold back up
  • You can use on damp grass
  • The thickness is good


  • You need to be sure of size you want
  • It lacks a carrying strap

The Aonsen Beach Blanket is large enough to accommodate between four to nine people. It is also lightweight and easily foldable. The blanket stays clean easily and is quick-drying whenever water or a drink spill on it.

It is also sand proof and removing sand only needs a few shakes of the blanket and you are set for a great picnic! This beach blanket has four corner pockets where you can store your small items. It is also windproof with its four fixing posts for you to anchor the mat firmly into the sand.

The Aonsen Beach Blanket is also highly breathable for added comfort since sweat will not soak into your beach blanket. It will remain cool for your entire picnic.


  • It will not get hot in the sun
  • Is perfect for a large crew


  • The sand proof capability is not as high as you wish
  • Sand may go through it a bit

Our “Top 6 Outdoor Beach Picnic Blankets” includes the Nowehomiy Beach Blanket which can accommodate six to eight adults, this beach blanket has four anchors and will not be disturbed by strong winds.

It is a lightweight beach blanket that is also compact to allow you to easily fold and store it in your bag. The Nowehomiy Beach Blanket is a breathable mat made of polyester that will not tear easily. This fabric also makes it easy to wipe or dust off the sand and other dirt particles.

Give it a few shakes, spread it out again, and enjoy your picnic. The stitching on the blanket is well done making it strong and durable.


  • It will not fray easily
  • Suitable for a large group


  • The polyester material may feel a bit hot under the sun
  • Sand may still get on it

The AerWo Beach Blanket closes out our list of the “Top 6 Outdoor Beach Picnic Blankets”. This is an oversized beach blanket that can accommodate four to seven people.

Regardless of this, it is still lightweight and compact and will not give you any issues when storing or carrying it. It has impressive versatility and is suitable for picnics, camping, and hiking.

The AerWo Beach Blanket has four triangle pockets, sand anchor bags, and four ground piles to provide double wind protection and keep it flat on the sandy ground. There is a pocket with a built-in zipper to keep valuables safe quite conveniently. The AerWo Beach Blanket is made of polyester that makes the blanket highly resistant to wrinkle and wear.

If you want to clean the sand off the mat, shake the mat and it will all fall off. It is easy to clean and therefore, a comfortable beach blanket for you and your crew!


  • It can sit many people
  • It will not blow off regardless of strong winds


  • May not be as portable as you expect because it is large
  • The polyester material may heat up under the sun

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