Top 6 GPS Communicators for Camping

Top 6 GPS Communicators for Camping

Camping trips and hiking expeditions were exciting activities and adventures for 48.2 million Americans in 2020. These outdoor activities require a lot of meticulous planning if they are to be as fun as anticipated.

However, fun should not be the only thing to be planned. Considerations for safety of your team through communication with each other is key. No-one wants to get lost when camping in unfamiliar territory. Therefore, you always need to make sure that all are safe, whichever corner of the woods they are in. Sometimes cellphones do not work because of poor signals and that can be a big problem if there is an accident and you need to get help.

Thanks to GPS Communicators, however, this situation can be avoided. These GPS Communicators not only provide you with a reliable means of communication but also allows your location to be tracked in case of an accident or emergency. With one, you can travel light due to their small sizes and portable nature. In addition, GPS Communicators do not rely on cell signals to work.

These are perfect for anyone planning their first outdoor adventure because they provide clear and concise directions-just download them before going out. If you’re looking into the best option out there, consider getting GPS communicators from reputable retailers like Amazon. These provide utility in some ways that cell phones can’t–like pinpointing your location without having connectivity on hand as well as providing an emergency beacon that is always accessible so longs as it’s charged fully at least once every two weeks!

The convenience these devices offer are worth their cost because they make camping safer and more enjoyable all around by preventing accidents while also giving peace-of-mind when away from home.

Our post “GPS Communicators” will highlight some of the best GPS Communicators that you need to try out when you go on that next camping trip.

To avoid getting lost on your next camping trip, read on to find out the best GPS Communicators available for a worry-free camping experience.

The Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator is a waterproof device that is well-suited to handle water splashes and rainy weather.

This GPS Communicator comes with two AA batteries that will serve you with power for up to 20 hours. This will enable you to stay in communication with your camping buddies for longer periods. The Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator has a WAAS-enabled GPS receiver.

This GPS receiver comes with HotFix and GLONASS support for fast positioning and offers a reliable signal. Has a preloaded worldwide map to make sure you always know where you are and are headed.

Take Away:

  • Water-proof
  • Long-lasting power for up to 20 hours
  • GPS receiver for fast positioning and signal.
  • A pre-loaded worldwide map that displays your location

The Tracki 2021 Model Mini Real-time GPS Tracker offers you unlimited distance tracking. This will effectively ensure that you can stay in communication with others no matter how far you are from them. The versatility that this tracker can provide is unmatched.

You can use it in tracking vehicles, motorcycles, and boats. The Tracki 2021 Model Mini Real-time GPS Tracker will allow you to travel light since it is super small and super light. The ability of this tracker’s battery to last is impressive. It comes with a rechargeable battery life of 2-3 days while giving you the opportunity of tracking real-time every 1-5 minutes. When real-time tracking is not needed the battery on this device can serve you for 30-75 days while allowing you the opportunity of tracking 1-3 times per day!

The Tracki 2021 Model Mini Real-time GPS Tracker will not allow you to be caught off guard and be left stranded. It will always give you notifications in case of a potentially bad situation such as a low battery

Take Away:

  • Versatile
  • Unlimited distance tracking
  • Small size and Lightweight
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Notifications through SMS and email

Easy to set up

The ACR ResQLink View – Buoyant Personal Locator is one of the most convenient GPS Communicators you will find in the market. It is conveniently small, portable and lightweight. You can wear it on you with a lanyard! The belt clip it comes with will ensure that you always have it close to you.

This ACR ResQLink View – Buoyant Personal Locator has a bright LED strobe light and an infrared strobe light. In case of an emergency, these will provide clear signals to rescuers. This GPS Communicator comes with an impressive global coverage capability! If you are in distress, this will put you in a great position to alert Search and Rescue agencies worldwide even in the absence of a rescue monitoring center.

Last but certainly not least, this gadget possesses the ability to share self-test messages and GPS test messages to multiple contacts through SMS and email.  


Take Away:

  • Lightweight
  • Small size for portability
  • LED and infrared strobe light to alert rescuers
  • Global coverage capability
  • Ability to share self-test messages

The TomTom Go 620 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device comes with built-in Wi-Fi! This allows you to constantly get the latest maps thus equipping you with accurate knowledge about the best areas to go to. Real-time and traffic updates are other beneficial features of using this device.

This information will allow you to settle on the best routes to use for your outdoor adventures. The TomTom Go 620 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device has a hands-free calling feature as well as a smartphone messaging feature. These features will allow you to multi-task more efficiently.  


Take Away:

  • WI-FI connectivity
  • Hands-free calling
  • Smartphone messaging
  • Real-time traffic
  • World maps

The Radacat Messenger C1 Off-Grid GPS Communicator and Tracker is another GPS Communicator you ought to try out. It comes with a host of advantageous features that you just have to check out.

It will allow you to use offline GPS to send text and voice messages as well as real-time locations to others. This device also offers an impressive level of versatility. It provides you with long-range mesh networking, offline maps as well as location sharing in case of distress! This GPS Communicator has a 36-hour long battery life to ensure you are in communication most of the time.

This gadget has an amazing wide coverage capability. The device-to-device range of 1-3 miles downtown and 3-6 miles in the suburb is astonishing!

Take Away:

  • Off-grid GPS Communicator
  • Versatile functions
  • Long battery life
  • Wide coverage capability

The Garmin GPSMAP 66i, GPS Handheld, and Satellite Communicator comes with cellular connectivity which will provide you with weather forecasts!

Now, how cool is this? This GOS Communicator has a 35-hour battery life to ensure that you are in touch with others for longer periods. Has a large 3-inch sunlight-readable color display for easier viewing!

The Garmin GPSMAP 66i, GPS Handheld, and Satellite Communicator can allow you to share interactive SOS with the rescue monitoring center.

In addition, this device supports two-way messaging for more effective communication! Check this device out if you want a worry-free experience the next time you head out for your camping expeditions!

Take Away:

  • Cellular connectivity
  • Long battery life
  • Large sunlight-readable color display
  • Interactive SOS sharing
  • Two-way messaging


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