The 6 Best Journal for Hikers and Campers

The 6 Best Journal for Hikers and Campers

Hiking and camping offer some of the most extraordinary times to reflect on life as you enjoy nature and the fresh air. It is natural for hikers and campers to want to document their adventures for future generations.

Hiking journals are a great way of doing this, even if you don’t want anyone else reading it. Journals can be used to track your progress on hikes or keep a record of all the things you’ve seen while camping.

Many campers and hikers like to journal about their experiences, and they can be an excellent way for people who’ve never done it to learn more about what it’s like.

If you get inspired in nature or want to remember an experience, a journal will record it all in one place. Each journal is different but designed with prompts or blank pages waiting to be filled up with new adventures or old ones that are being relieved. The process of journaling will help make hiking even more enjoyable!

For a wide selection of hiking and camping journals that kids and adults can use, look no further than Amazon. This blog post on “The 6 Best Journal for hikers and Campers” will give you an easy way to document your hiking/camping trips.

Let me introduce you to our favorite journals for hikers and campers!   

This awesome journal is the first of our ‘6 Best Journals for hikers and Campers’ for many reasons. It has a lovely embossed artificial leather cover that was made in an eco-friendly way with no harmful chemicals.

The journal measures a convenient Length of 8” × Width of 4.75 “× Thickness 0.75”. Each leather journal includes 80 pages for writing and 80 pages for sketching or drawing. It also has pages with card holder slots that can also be used to keep special memoir items from your hikes.

This camping journal is the perfect size to fit a backpack and can be an excellent gift for family and friends.


  • The pages stay in all the time
  • It has a beautiful leather cover


  • It could do with more writing pages

This is a camping journal that the whole family can use. It is a great camping journal that logs your trip with a camping information section, which requires the campground name, dates, location, weather, star rating.

It also includes space to write the trip’s experiences by documenting the people who were with you, activities you did, the new people you met, and more! There are also free pages to journal and a photo/ drawing box for pictures and drawings you make.

The ‘And So the Adventure Begins: Camping Journal’ is 7” x10” in size with 110 pages and in it, you can record up to 54 campground trips!


  • Has many pages for journaling
  • Great as a keepsake
  • The cover is beautiful and has a simple format inside


  • Would do well with space for logging in the distance traveled and the internet speed of a location

This high-quality journal is on the list of ‘6 Best Journals for hikers and Campers’ because it captures memories very well with its prompts of the camping or hiking trip.

These prompts include the trail’s name, the location, the distance covered, people who came along, and the general experience. It is a fantastic way for adults and kids to record their hikes and track their progress. The size of this journal is 6 X 9 inches, and it consists of 110 pages of prompt sheets.

The cover is made of matte craft paper, and it makes for a very good gift that hikers would appreciate receiving.


  • Well thought out the format in the journal
  • A good gift idea
  • Good quality book


  • There’s a possibility that the soft paper cover could get damaged over time

Hiking Logbook: Hiking Journal

This little hiking logbook and journal is 6 X 9 inches and 101 pages of high-quality paper bound together with a soft matte cover.

It is a great record keeper with prompts that require you to fill out details like hike location, dates, distance weather, trail features, and more. It also captures unique information like the elevation gain/loss of the trail, the latitude/longitude, parking, fees, and other things that are easy to forget about the experience.

It has well-thought-out extra pages for personal thoughts and notes on the experience. This Hiking logbook and Hiking Journal make a great gift for mountaineers and hikers alike.


  • Easy to carry in backpack and journal on the go
  • It has a good format for record-keeping
  • A very good gift idea


  • The spine is weak and will likely need reinforcement 
  • Should include a picture section 

This family camping journal is a great way to record special outdoor family memories. It is a large 8.5 X 11 paperback book with a premium glossy cover. The 108 pre-formatted pages include the date, campground names, weather, who came along, favorite activity, most memorable moments, and much more.

This journal also provides plenty of space to make personal notes of the experience and even add a daily photograph or drawing. With this Let’s Go on An Adventure Family Camping Journal, you can use it to record over 50 camping trips in one book and make it a keepsake for generations to come.

It makes a fantastic gift and is excellent at involving the family in creating memories together. 


  • A perfect gift for camper families
  • Ample amount of space to write in and put pictures
  • Good prompts to record memories


  • Paper may be thin and not suitable for ballpoint pens
  • The cover is thin, could do with a hardcover instead

This Travel Journal Writing Notebook proudly closes out our list of ‘6 Best Journals for hikers and Campers’ because of its impressive features. It is a little book of 7 X 5 inches and 160 pages with 6 ring binders.

It has an elegant and soft man-made leather cover that comes with a fashionable tied leather rope with an anchor at its end to keep the book closed and contents safe. The pages are blank craft paper and thick and durable enough to write with a majority of pen types. The blank pages give you freedom to write anything or just draw or stick pictures on. This makes it very versatile for whatever your mood is that day.

The best part of this journal is that the pages are re-fillable! As soon as you need more, order more pages and add them into the 6-ring binder journal for more memories. This is a great journal one to consider!


  • Very good quality journal with different color choices
  • Very impressive and durable cover 
  • It’s a great gift idea for loved ones
  • Ring-binder to keep pages together
  • Able to order re-fill paper to add to the book


  • The quality of paper may be very thin
  • The binding rings and small size paper make it hard to turn the pages
  • The anchor cord could break easily

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