Why is it important to use a camping tarp?

Why is it important to use a camping tarp?

Why Is It Important To Use A Camping Tarp

A camping tarp is a very common and simple piece of equipment used during camping , it has many benefits and lots of uses.

Tarps are mostly square, hex or rectangular cut pieces of fabric made out of driftnet materials with the tie out points.

Camping tarps are really adaptable and have a lot of good uses. It is an essential piece of camping equipment that you must have.

Using a tarp has allot of benefits as we are about to list below, but in my personal experience we mostly used camping tarps to protect the bottom of our tents and equipment from moisture.

Let’s look at some of the major benefits of using a camping tarp that will let you know its importance.

Following are the key reasons why you should be using a camping tarp.


  • A tarp offers perfect protection from the weather elements. Set it up for easy and effective cover in the rain, protection from the wind or get a shade from the sun.
  • You can feel a little claustrophobic in a tent and small spaces as the walls are just inches from your face mostly. But it isn’t so when using a tarp, set it as low or as high as you want.
  • There’s quick and easy entry all around. There won’t be any doors and zips to mess around with. Very simple and convenient to get up in the night for a quick bathroom trip too.
  • You get very good ventilation with the use of a tarp.
  • Tarps are waterproof and will keep you feeling dry and perfect.
  • They’re durable and are very easy to set up in an instant.
  • They are much lighter than tents.
  • They are compact and easy to carry around.
  • Camping tarps are a lot cheaper than the camping tents.
  • Tarps are a great backup during camping adventures.

So, as you can see, using a camping tarp can be fun and really useful as well.

Concluding Remarks:

Using a camping tarp offers a lot of benefits during a perfect camping adventure. So, it is always good to have a camping tarp on your camping adventures.

A Good Looking Product Table

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Camping Tarps Brand Material Color Size Water Resistance
Wise Owl Outfitters Ripstop Nylon Blue 11 ft by 9 ft Waterproof
Sunyear Oxford Army Green 9.8x9.5ft Waterproof
Terra Hiker 210D Oxford Comes in 3 Colors 70" X 86" Waterproof
Gold Armour Oxford Comes in 3 colors 10ft x 10ft Waterproof
Amazon Basics Polyethylene Dark Green 10 x 12' Waterproof
Grassman Polyester Black 10x10ft Waterproof

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