Coronavirus impact on camping

Coronavirus impact on camping & Outdoor activities.

Corona Impact on CampingCoronavirus impact on camping & Outdoor activities changed all our lives ever since it first started. Since the early days of the pandemic, various precautions and standards of procedures have been established to control and contain the spread of the virus which has changed the lives of many. The pandemic affected nearly all the sectors in any country especially the economy, and the business sectors with many businesses shutting down. Some private institutions have also been shut down in attempts to contain the spread, and also due to financial losses. However, one of the sectors that were heavily affected by Covid-19 was the traveling sector.

Covid-19 is a contagious disease that can spread easily through physical contact and airborne droplets. Suppose an infected person was to sneeze in a public lounge, then anyone else within range would be infected as well. As such the government adopted social distancing policies to reduce the rate of spread, and to wear masks as doing so will stop the spread.

In addition, to remaining indoors, the government also implemented strict traveling regulations to stop the spreading of the virus into other locations, and that includes strict regulations on camping as well. In fact, camping was next to none during the early days however recently some restrictions have been lifted allowing people to camp freely but under certain regulations.

Various campgrounds are either closed off or operating under certain conditions. Wearing masks is a mandatory regulation along with social distancing. Additionally, the number of campers has also been reduced to prevent crowds from forming and potentially spread the virus.

With months of quarantining, people are practically begging for a chance to go outside and be one with nature again. The chances of contracting the virus are higher when you are confined in shared spaces such as theaters, restaurants, and private offices because of limited room for social distancing. Luckily for those willing to go outside the chances of contracting the virus are low when you are out in an open field with fresh air and have unlimited space to keep a distance from others.

Those itching to go outside will be glad to know that camping is a better option than air traveling, cruises, and theme parks. Since camping allows for better social distancing opportunities, and less crowd formation, it is definitely the better option for going outside.

Recently a few campgrounds have reopened but operate with reduced capacity and under certain regulations. So if you are someone who wants to go outside this year there are certain things you should consider first before following through with your camping plan.

You will need to choose a camping location away from public spaces, and crowds. Remember that being indoors confined in public spaces has a higher chance of contracting the virus than being outdoor in the wilderness. So it is important to choose someplace with more open space, greenery, and less public spaces with confined walls and such.

Don’t go if you are not feeling well

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but if you have been previously infected or have been exposed to someone who was infected in the last 14 days then you should not go outside. Although your intentions may not be willing it, chances are you will spread the virus to others unintentionally and they are likely to spread it to others unknowingly, and so on.

Furthermore, if you are sure you have not been infected nor exposed, but are still feeling sick then you really must not go camping. You may have a slight cold and a sore throat, and tests prove that you are not infected, other people will still be suspicious of you. Not only that but the authorities snap checking people on the road will probably get the wrong idea and turn you around.

Inquire for more information

If you have selected a location whether it is a national park or a recreation center, you should inquire for more information related to the regulations they have adopted. It is important to check with their regulations and community guidelines beforehand. Chances are some national parks and recreation centers may have feasible regulations while others have more strict policies. Of course, all of them adapt the standard of procedures, it is recommended to check in first. Who knows you are the last person they will allow camping given that campgrounds operate at reduced capacity nowadays.

Minimize your contact

Minimize your contact with people outside. Don’t shake hands, and avoid embracing others. It might be against the norms, but the standard of procedures can help you live longer and remain healthier. If you are confined in a public space it is ideal to wear a mask and keep minimum physical contact with others as much as possible.

Furthermore, if there are local parks and camping locations near your home or an open space with greenery and opportunities then you should opt for camping there instead of going outside your local communities. Assuming the open space allows for free access to all individuals, legally.

Social Distance

Remember to keep a social distance when outside. Camping allows for unlimited open spaces, but another group of campers joins your campfire and you have a small group of family and friends, it is best to keep your distances from them, and each other.

Camping with your family and friends is much safer compared to camping with a nearby group of strangers. You are assured that the people you have been quarantining with for the past couple of months are free from the virus, but you don’t know if anyone outside of your circle is a carrier of the virus.

Therefore it is best to keep your distance when a nearby group wants to join your campfire. You can only share campfires, and tents if you can practice social distancing at all times.

Avoid contact sports

While camping you may consider partaking in sports activities to pass the time or make the most of your camping trip. Some parks with rivers, lakes, and ponds offer the opportunity for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing which are all safe and enjoyable activities.

However, you should avoid participating in contact sports such as basketball, or a game of tag. This is mainly because of less room for social distancing. When playing contact sports it becomes harder and almost impossible to maintain your distances. Besides if you hold a ball in your hand that was previously touched by a carrier of coronavirus unknowingly then you might be infected as well.

Book in Advance

Obviously, you cannot barge in camping on your own terms whenever the mood strikes. You need to book a reservation with the campground officials beforehand. Due to the regulations, some campgrounds reduce the number of campers in the areas, therefore if you miss your chance at booking a reservation you may not be able to camp at all. Book a reservation first, and don’t be dismayed if it does not work.

Pack your own gear

Normally you would pack on the necessities, and that would be the end of your camping gear. However, due to the pandemic, you should pack disinfected items, and also sanitizers. You may wanna avoid touching the items at campgrounds.