Are tents waterproof

Are Tents Waterproof?

Are Tents Waterproof?


There is absolutely nothing more irritating than lying in your tent at night and feeling that drop of water hit you! Right?

Your entire night’s sleep gets ruined and you wake up feeling all damp and wet. Well, then you wonder if your tent is waterproof or not.

Well, let us get this straight: there are tents that are “waterproof” and there are also tents that are only “water resistant”. People consider the two to be the same thing but it isn’t so.

Let’s take a look at what waterproof tents really are.

First of all, the waterproof tents are constructed with the type of fabric that keeps all the water out. This fabric is not present in all the tents and that is why you should never think that all the tents are waterproof. They’re not!

Tents with waterproof coating:

The most common coating that you’ll see in the waterproof tents is the polyurethane and silicon coatings. These basically provide a very thin layer of waterproof material to the tent. Such coatings usually make the tents a little bit heaver.

Then you will also see tents that are said to have a durable water repellent finishing. This basically makes the fabric of the tent be hydrophobic. This means that the tent will fully repel the water and won’t absorb it. You must have seen this process when wearing a waterproof jacket.

Concluding Remarks

So, as you now know, not all tents are waterproof. Whenever you’re purchasing a tent for yourself, make sure that you check if it’s waterproof or not. This is because a majority of the tents are not. Always get the waterproof tents for comfort!

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