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Welcome Adventurers! We’re excited that you want to learn more about camptress.com. We are a team that camp a lot, love to do research, and bring the best outdoor equipment for your camping enthusiasts under one website. We are a team of experts in adventure sports, internet surfers, and quality controllers. You may call us a one-stop solution for all your camping needs, it’s not only the outdoor equipment that we sort for you, it is about the mission of promoting camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures. We are committed to keeping you updated with the outdoor industry with breaking news, new inventions, and product reviews.

 It doesn’t matter how experienced you are with outdoor adventures, when it comes to prepping for outdoor fun, Camptress.com has something for everyone.

 If you are new to camping, you are welcome to our beginner guides page, here you can read about the health benefits of camping, hiking, and spending time in nature, safety tips, the best camping spots to start camping in the USA, and everything that you should know before going to the first camping adventure.

Byer’s Guides is the most loved segment by our valuable readers throughout the world. This page is the ultimate solution to all the problems for buyers, if you google for a product the results with big claims will feel you dizzy. Picking the right product from the online market is very big trouble, no worries we have the solution.

Have you ever need to pick outdoor equipment and been stumped about which product is best or get a product and learn later that you didn’t buy the right one for your needs? Or planning to build your outdoor gear collections? 

If you’re after a new Backpack, Camping kitchen utensils, Camping furniture, emergency survival kits, folding shovels, pair of trekking shoes, or any outdoor equipment from needle to a thread that you may need in any kind of outdoor adventure: Camptress Byer’s Guides will not disappoint you.

Our experts spend hours on the internet to search for the right products, we save you from maneuvering between sites to figure out the best prices and reading through thousands of reviews to pick the right quality. We did all this for our valuable readers and rounded up a definitive list of the best outdoor equipment deals that are available on amazon. It not only the product reviews and the best deals, we bring all the products in our use to provide the right picture, pro, and cons to our beloved outdoor savvy community. Along with quality and other testings, we take care of the economics of our community. We work hard to ensure that our readers should always have the lowest possible prices available on online platforms. We are committed to saving you each penny with qualitative, attractive, and affordable products for amateurs and experts of adventures.

With all this, we are on the mission to help Americans to come out and enjoy the outdoors by providing an outdoor gear marketplace.

Our success is behind the flowing steps:

  1. We pick the top products in each category.
  2. We pay for the products and don’t accept free evaluation units from manufacturers. We use these to review ourselves during real-time adventure just like a common outdoor man.
  3. Our experts put the products in tests both in the lab and field and carefully assess durability, performance, and ease of use.
  4. In our review articles, we rank the products by answering why it is best and give the award to the best.


We Promise the following lines with our community!

Accomplish reader’s goals

Our primary effort is to help you with your goal whatever it is, equipment, or the guideline

Find great outdoor gear hassle-free

As told earlier we work as a team and spend thousands of hours per year just to make sure that our community can compete with the best

Make purchases with confidence

We are aggressive about our work because we are well aware of how much is at stake for you and we take care of your finance. Buying is a thinking process and we help you to lead through this process. We are happy to tell you that your every click will lead you to the perfect product that you are looking for so buy with confidence without fear of losing the money.

All these measures take us on top of all those typical gear reviews you find online. We believe that gear reviews are the thing that one can not do by sitting on his chair, the best gear reviews are those that objectively compare and contrast.  Camtress is committed to the line “Find great outdoor gear hassle-free”

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We know nothing is perfect and complete everything needs continuous improvement. For the improvements, we love to hear from you, write us what you like and dislike, what is needed to improve and what is new that you want to know